Personal data protection


Company AuLea, Ltd. with seat at the address Pšeničná 10, 821 06 Bratislava , identification number of organization: 50525484, taxpayer identification number: 2120360418,  identification number of VAT: SK2120360418, which is registered in business register of district court  Bratislava I, division for Ltd, insert No 114389/B (hereafter as „AuLea“ or „we“) is obliged to protect personal data of their customers and suppliers in accordance with valid legal regulations for personal data protection (Order of European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 dated 27/04/2016 on protection of natural persons at processing the personal data and on free movement of such data by which the Directive 95/46/ES and Act No. 18/2018 Coll. of laws on the personal data protection are cancelled. These rules of personal data protection describe how the personal data of their customers are gathered, processed a protected by the company AuLea during the visits of our web page on domain („our web page“) and/or at using our services.

In our Personal data protection rule you find out:

  • what information we are gathering,
  • why are we gathering them,
  • with who are we sharing the data,
  • how we protect your personal data,
  • what rights you have,
  • how your data can be edited, exported and removed by you.

The company AuLea appears at processing the personal data of its employees, clients, customers or business partners (hereafter only „aggrieved person“) as operator of information systems (hereafter only „IS“).

2.What data are gathered by company Aulea?

When you will fill in and send “Order form” on our web page in the E-shop section or you register with us like a new customer in the Registration section, we require from you presentation of following information: name and surname, e-mail, title of firm, billing data, delivery address, mobile/telephone. When you decide to order our products, we require from you billing data for the purpose of making-out an invoice. At visit of our page we collect data on your activity on web by means of files cookies and analytical tools which record activities on our web page. Among information, which we collect this way, your IP address, device type and setting of browser can belong.

The company AuLea processes in its information systems the personal data of the persons concerned by automated and non-automated means of processing.

3.Why the company AuLea is gathering the data

We are gathering and processing your personal data for these purposes:

  • providing the services and goods which you asked for,
  • registration and granting the access to your account,
  • optimization and expansion of our services which we provide to your,
  • payment for services
  • protection of entitled interests of our assets or of interests of our further customers,
  • analysis of visits on our web page,
  • direct marketing.

The personal data, which you will provide us, are processed and used only such way, which is adequate to purpose, for which they have been gathered. AuLea does not combine personal data which have been gained for various purposes. We will not save your personal data longer than it is necessary for purpose

on which they have been provided or gathered. We will store only personal data which serve for  legitimate purpose (for example valid legal regulations can require data preservation or some data can be necessary for purposes of billing the unpaid sums).

We will not gather excessive quantity of personal data nor data, which are not relevant for the purposes, for which they are collected.

The company AuLea processes personal data without consent of aggrieved person then if:

personal data processing is inevitable for fulfilment of contract in which the aggrieved person appears like one from contractual parties or in pre-contractual relations with aggrieved person or at negotiating over contract change which come true at request of aggrieved person,

personal data processing is inevitable for protection of life, health or property of aggrieved person,

the title, name, surname and address of aggrieved person are exclusively subject of processing without possibility to assign to them further its personal data and their utilization is exclusively designated for needs of operator in postal traffic with aggrieved person and of record of these data,

personal data are processed which have been already published in accordance with law and the operator marked appropriately them as published; that one who asserts that he processes published personal data at request he shows to the authorities that the being processed personal data have been already lawfully published,

processing of personal data is inevitable for protection of rights and operator´s interests protected by right or of third party, and it is not valid if fundamental rights and freedoms of aggrieved person prevail at such personal data processing which is subject to protection according to this law.

The company acquires the consent of aggrieved person without pressure and enforcement as well as without determining under threat of rejecting the contractual relation, provided services or duties resulting for the operator from legally binding acts of the European Union, of international contract by which Slovak Republic is bound or from law.

In case of rejection of providing the company´s personal data for purposes needed for providing services or goods sale or for fulfilment of legal obligations the company is entitled to point out the aggrieved person with possible consequences of nonproviding the personal data.

The aggrieved persons consent to such thing in order the company to charge a mediator with such processing at personal data who processes personal data in the name of company. After termination of purpose of personal data processing the company will liquidate these lawfully gained personal data of aggrieved persons within the time limit fixed by valid legal regulations and in accordance with internal regulation of the company.

4. Using the files cookies and software tools of third parties

4.1 Cookies

Our web page follows automatically some information in the course of using our web, e.g. your IP address and browser setting.  This information is used only for system administration and for providing statistical data on using our web page. The files cookies are used by us in order we store during your visit your preferences and any future visits on condition that the files cookies have been not, in the meantime, removed. The visitors of our web page who want not the file cookies will be stored should set their browsers so that before use of our web page they rejected storing of files cookies. However, the visitors must count with such thing that some functions of our web page have not to function without the help of files cookies properly.

By authorization of files cookies in your browser your expressed your consent to acquisition of files cookies.

We use following types of files cookies:

  • basic cookies which are inevitable for providing the access to our web pages;
  • functional files cookies that are decisive for proper functioning of our web pages (if are these cookies forbidden, our web pages have not to function properly);
  • performance files cookies which do not identify you individually (until you submit identification data in none of our forms) but they will help us to adapt the content in accordance with your activities on our web pages;
  • files cookies for taking aim which help to secure in order the advertisements to be for visitors of our web pages more relevant.

We can utilize your information for remarketing. The remarketing is a way how we can unite with visitors of our web page on the basis of previous interactions with our web page. The AuLea may cooperate with marketing services suppliers who manage remarketing campaigns to us. In consequence of this the suppliers, including the company Google, can display advertisements of our company on other web pages. The suppliers, including the company Google, use the files cookies for displaying the advertisements on the basis of previous visits on our web page. All gathered information is used only for the purposes of remarketing and they will not be used for other purposes.

If you do not wish to display adapted advertisements in advertising network Google (Google Display Network), or you want find out more information about that how the company Google is using the data, which are gathered by it, please visit the page ads.html .

You will find more detailed information on files cookies that are processed by us in section “Principles of using the files cookies”. (+hyperlink to subpage on Cookies)

4.2 Google Analytics

Our web page uses the Google Analytics service which serves as web analytical service provided by the company Google Inc. („Google”). The Google Analytics service uses the files cookies, which are text files placed in your computer in order that they help to analyse to web server how the users use the given web page. The information generated by files cookies about using the web page is usually transferred on server Google where they are also stored. However, if there is activated an IP anonymization on the web page, your IP address will be anonymized by the company Google and it remains stored in space of EU and EZVO.

The company Google uses in the name of operator of our web page the gathered information for assessment of using our web page, for compiling the overviews about the activity of our web page and for providing further services related to using our web page. The IP address sent by your browser within the Google Analytics service will be not united with other data of the company Google. You may reject usage of files cookies by choice of corresponding settings in your browser, however, please take into account that if you will do so you will not have possibility to utilize full functionality of our web page. You may also prevent the company Google from gathering the data generated by files cookies and related to  usage of our web page (including your  IP address) and to processing of these data by downloading and installation of expansion of browser available on following reference .

You will find further information of usage and protection of personal data on the page . We draw your attention that on our web page possibility of anonymization of your IP address “anonymizelp” has been introduced in the Google Analytics service in order to guarantee the anonymous registration of IP addresses (so-called IP masking).

4.3 Advertising systems and other ones

AuLea uses advertising systems (for example Google AdWords, Googly Dynamic Remarketing, Facebook Pixel, GA Audiences) which gather the files cookies of third parties on our web page. The files cookies gathered by these advertising systems will be used by third parties for the purposes of advertisement.

Our web page uses remarketing services of Google AdWords for advertising of specific content exclusively for the purposes of advertisement by means of internet, especially in advertising network of Google, YouTube and Facebook. The Google AdWords Remarketing enables us to adapt advertisement content in order to better suit to your needs and to display only advertisements which are relevant for you. Remarketing campaign of our company will be displayed to you only in the case that you gave us consent to this on our web page by means of consent with using the files cookies.

AuLea uses also other tools for monitoring the files cookies for following purposes: Administrator of Google GTM marks (for administration of marks HTML/JS). You can reject using the files cookies by choice of respective settings in browser. More information you will find in point 4.1 of this document.

4.4 Plug-ins for social network

AuLea uses plug-ins for social network (for example Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). The plug-ins are preset like deactivated ones, and therefore they do not send data to no other web pages.

When you visit our web page, your browser will create direct connection with servers on which these plug-ins are triggered. The content of plug-ins is transferred directly on Facebook/Linkedin/Instagram into your browser which integrates it then onto our web page. The plug-ins integration causes that Facebook /Linkedin/Instagram will receive information which you gained our web page.

If you do not want so that the social networks gather your information by our web page, you must log out before visit of our web page from the social network or forbid the plug-ins for social network.

You will find further information how these social networks are processing your data in personal data protection rules on the concrete social network:

We use following plug-ins:


The company does not provide your personal data to third persons contrary to the law on personal data protection and for the purpose of their gathering contrary to your interests or instructions, and they are provided to the third person only within the stated above mentioned purpose.

In its business activities the company cooperates with more mediators of which aim is the providing quality services, and these subjects are processing personal data of aggrieved persons at performance of its contractual activity for the company.

The company declares honestly that at the choice of particular mediators has cared about their specialized, technical, organizational and personal competency and about their ability to guarantee the safety of being processed personal data by accepted safety measures in the sense of law on the personal data protection.

At the same time the company proceeded at choice of appropriate mediator so as not to come to the threat of rights and interests of aggrieved persons protected by right.

The company like operator made with mediators in the sense of § 8 of law on personal data protection written contracts on securing the protection of personal data being processed by mediators who were charged by the company with processing of personal data of aggrieved persons only in the range, under conditions and for the purpose negotiated in the contract and by a way according to law on personal data protection.

6. Direct marketing

Our company can send you relevant offers and reports on our products and services by means of e-mail but only in case if you have consented before with sending the marketing communication or in the past you have utilized our services and you have become our customer. In each e-mail we will provide you possibility to log out further marketing communication. You can do the possibility of logout (sign-off) from delivery of personalized reports by click on reference “sign off from delivery” which is placed in bottom part of our marketing e-mails.

Conditions of granting consent for sending the personalized reports:

  • you have right whenever to withdraw your consent,
  • you will receive the e-mail frm us maximally two times in month,
  • your e-mail will be stored in database by us for maximally 5 years,
  • your e-mail will be not utilized for other purposes and it will be not provided by us to third parties.

7. Control of privacy protection: your data, your rights

Take into account please that according to the law on personal data protection you have right:

  • to ask  from us for the information what personal data we are processing possibly to ask a copy of your personal data,
  • to ask from us for an explanation to processing of personal data,
  • to require with us access to these data and let them update or repair,
  • to ask from us for deletion of your personal data: this deletion will, however, result in termination of negotiation on the contract and it will be performed only in case that interests of administrator (AuLea Ltd.) do not prevail over the protection of your privacy,
  • to have objections to processing of your personal data about which you suppose that they are processed for purposes of direct marketing without your consent and to ask for their disposal,
  • in case of doubts on observance of duties connected with processing the personal data to turn to us or to Office for Personal Data Protection.

If you want exercise any rights stated in these principles of personal data protection or in case of questions or comments concerning using and processing personal data, you can contact us on .

8. Sharing your data

We can share your personal data with third parties for example:

  • with suppliers of advertising services,
  • with suppliers of web analytical and optimizing services.

You can find all our topical partners with which we can share and process your personal data in section Personal Data Administration. (+hyperlink on subpage Personal Data Administration)

Excepting previous clause your personal data will be not shared with third party without your consent except for following cases:

  • when the company AuLea is compulsory to provide personal data by law or by order of public authority or  
  • if the personal data sharing is explicitly permitted by respective legal regulations.

We pledged to save your personal data securely. Therefore we introduced adequate physical, technical and organizational measures and plans for protection and securing your data. The target is to remove unjustified and unlawful processing of your personal data or random, unjustified or unlawful accesses, using, processing, copying, change, loss or damage of your data.

In spite of all efforts for observance of rules stipulated in corresponding legal regulations it is not possible to secure the security of your personal data if they are transferred or shared by unsecured way. Your data we will protect by following ways:

  • by help of cryptography (if necessary),
  • by help of password (if necessary) and
  • by limitation of access to your data (i.e. access to your personal data is permitted only to those who are employees or suppliers for which is necessary the access to data).

The company AuLea makes accessible all potentially personal or other sensitive information only to those employees and suppliers who need these information for the purposes of their processing in the name of company AuLea; for closing a deal with client and for providing the services of company AuLea. The company AuLea secures so that the personal data of aggrieved persons were processed exclusively in manner, which corresponds with purpose, on which they have been gathered in advance.

In prescribed manner the company liquidates those personal data of which purpose of processing was terminated. After the termination of delimited purpose the company is authorized to process the personal data in inevitable range, and for research or purposes of statistics in their anonymized form. Like this being processed personal data cannot be used by operator for support of measures or decisions received against aggrieved person for limitation of its fundamental rights and freedoms.

9. Right of access to your data and right to a caveat

You have right of providing detailed information on your personal data which we have processed. You have also the right to ask for repair or deletion of inexact personal data or for limitation of processing the data which concern you. You can ask for update or deletion of your personal data by means of written request, personally by oral form into minutes or by means of e-mail at the address . If your request is, however, evidently unsubstantiated, excessive or repeated, we can:

  • make adequate charge considering administrative cost for performing required actions or
  • reject to perform your request.

If you have a feeling that your data have been processed unlawfully contact us at the address and we pledge that we will solve out the problem urgently. You have also right to lodge a complaint to Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic.

10. Validity of personal data protection rules

These personal data protection rules are topical. The last update has been performed and published on web page  on the day: date. We reserve right whenever to change or to complete the personal data protection rules, especially with aim to adapt them to further development of our web page or to introducing new technologies.